About Jen M.D. Matos

Jennifer M.D. Matos is a social justice educator and a consultant who works with schools, institutions, private, and non-profit organizations to increase and maintain social justice and equity in the workplace.

Currently in her fifth year as a doctoral candidate in the Social Justice Education program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she is the Instructor for a 4-credit undergraduate course, “Social Diversity in Education”.  She has been acknowledged for her contributions as a social justice educator in Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (2010).  Her dissertation, “Latina/o Student Narratives on the Impact of Parental Involvement in Their Academic Engagement” details the contributions that Latina/o parents make toward the education of their children in higher education settings.

In 2011, she founded the Social Justice at Work Consulting Group, where she brings her experience of having worked with underrepresented populations at various colleges, universities, high schools and organizations. After a successful career working with multicultural communities on building bridges across difference, Jennifer now consults others on how they can achieve the same results.

Jennifer excels at working in partnership with a diversity of individuals and groups in a safe and non-judgmental manner.  Her consultation and facilitation style speaks to the process of developing social justice awareness and the goal of actively working toward social justice and liberation.  Under Jennifer’s skilled leadership, the Social Justice at Work Consulting Group is able to provide a variety of services ranging from assessments of organizational social justice wellness to ongoing technical support to sustain clientele high standards of equity and excellence at work.  A stand-up comedian, she is able to infuse appropriate humor in her consultation work to provide a warm, enjoyable, informative and transformative atmosphere.

Independently, she has trained on issues and intersections of oppression such as racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, gender, transgender oppression, ableism, adultism, and religious oppression..  Her nearly 15 years in social justice education work has helped innumerable students, teachers, administrators, and community leaders to realize their capacities as social change agents.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature and a Master of Arts in Teaching English from Smith College in Northampton, MA.

Jennifer resides in Western Massachusetts with her wife, Casey, and their dog, Moof.


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